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The Wall Street Journal reports Assad Expands Control in Syria After U.S. Pullback, Pact With Kurds.

A quickly forged agreement between Kurdish forces and the Syrian government to confront a Turkish military campaign has reshaped alliances in Syria, transforming an erstwhile partner of the U.S. in the fight against Islamic State into a force more closely aligned with Russia and Iran.

Syrian regime military convoys entered areas that have been outside government control for years on Monday, including numerous towns along the northern border with Turkey and near the city of Raqqa, the former de facto capital of terror group Islamic State.

Late Sunday, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces struck an agreement with the Syrian government that essentially meant switching from one military backer, the U.S., to another. As part of the deal, the Syrian military will position itself to prevent a Turkish-led incursion from expanding throughout northern Syria, according to an SDF statement.

Details of the deal were still being worked out, said Sinam Mohamad, the foreign representative for the political wing of the SDF. One potential outcome, according to Ms. Mohamad: The SDF force that the U.S. spent hundreds of millions of dollars to train, arm and support could become part of the Syrian army.

After more than eight years of conflict, Syria’s government, which is backed by Russia and Iran, is on the verge of clawing back most of the country.

Russia has played a mediating role in talks between the Kurds and the regime. “We consider this to be the only path toward creating a sustainable and stable situation,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a day before Turkey launched its offensive.

Russia the Biggest Winner

So what?

The US has done nothing but make a mess.

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US Goal Down the Drain

All the weapons the US gave the Kurds are now fighting for Syria as opposed to fighting ISIS.

The US goal of overthrowing Assad is now down the drain.

That's a good outcome.

Taking out Saddam Hussein in Iraq was a major mistake, so was taking out Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. The former led to the creation of ISIS.

An overthrow of Assad would not have done anything good either.

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