Hot Pizza, No Driver, Tips Not Necessary

Please note California's Authorizes Autonomous Food Delivery Trucks.

The State of California's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced the new regulations last week, which allows companies with a permit to operate autonomous delivery vehicles that weigh up to 10,001 pounds (4.54 tons).

"This weight category includes "autonomous passenger cars, mid-sized pickup trucks and cargo vans carrying goods such as pizza or groceries", the DMV said.

Companies will need to certify vehicles are equipped with an autonomous vehicle data recorder as well as technology to respond to roadway situations.

Vehicles must also be certified to industry standards for helping defend against and respond to "cyberattacks, unauthorized intrusions or false vehicle control commands."


For companies testing driverless delivery vehicles, companies need to ensure they're equipped with a "communication link between the vehicle and a remote operator and the ability to display or transfer vehicle owner or operator information in the event of a collision."

I clipped that image from a video in the top link. The actual vehicle may look a lot different, or not.

The important point is not the vehicle, but rather this is 2019, for a while anyway, and such tests are underway.

Amusingly, every time I do a post like this readers tell me the technology is a decade away.

Please wake up.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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