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Senate Republicans Use Procedural Rules to Block Debate on the Infrastructure Package

With details still uncertain, Republicans block debate on infrastructure. What's next?
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

What's in the Infrastructure Bill?

Despite months of negotiations, no one can say for sure. And because the details are unresolved, Republicans Set to Block Infrastructure Debate.

Republicans had warned for days that they wouldn’t vote to start consideration of the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure package while key details remain unresolved. Lawmakers in the bipartisan group said they were still working to reach an infrastructure agreement, but it wasn’t clear how much time Democratic leaders would allot them.

“People basically have an objection to voting for something that they don’t know what they’re voting for,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy (R., La.), a part of the bipartisan group working to flesh out the loose infrastructure framework that 21 senators struck with the White House last month.

The Senate could vote again to start consideration of the infrastructure bill, if Democratic leaders choose to do so. Mr. Schumer was tight-lipped Tuesday on what his next step would be if the procedural vote failed Wednesday, but he is under pressure from some liberals to not allow the talks with Republicans to stretch on.

Biden's $3.5 Trillion Socialist Express

Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are holding firm that the infrastructure agreement will not pass alone. 

They demand a separate $3.5 trillion package of child care, education, antipoverty and climate provisions.

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I discussed the separate bill in Are Manchin, Sinema, and Tester On Board Biden's $3.5 Trillion Socialist Express?

One key demand of the Greens is an energy tax. See The Greens Hijack Biden's $3.5 Trillion Budget Proposal (That Could be a Blessing)

This is not a moderate package. It's a socialist's wet dream with additional silliness to get a Green support.

Republicans should do everything they can to block the package, but ultimately it will be up to Senators Manchin, Sinema, and perhaps Tester.


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