Here are some counter-Tweets that I agree with:

Wow. All the "news" Trump wants you to hear and nothing more. This is truly crazy.

Having a state run news agency does not prove greatness. It proves the opposite.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Trump Slams Fed as "Crazy"

Just 1 day after saying he has not met with Powell because he did not want to interfere, Trump slams the Fed as "crazy".

Trump Goes Ape-Sheet Crazy With Government Sponsored Housing Memorandum

Instead of deregulation, Trump unveils his latest big-government housing program.

Trump's Seriously Misguided Ban On Huawei

Trump's approach toward Huawei is the wrong one no matter what Trump's goal happens to be.

Trump Allies Propose New Network to Compete With Fox

Fox News is not pro-Trump enough for Trump allies. Their solution is something that amounts to a Trump News Network.

Trump's Impossible Fight to Stop Theft of Ideas

Trump is on a mission to stop China from stealing US IP. It's not possible, but what if it was?

Absurd Idea of the Day: "We are Running Out of Gold"

For the second time in recent memory, concerns have surfaced about the supply of gold. Let's investigate.

Trump in Meltdown Mode Over His Own Fake News

Trump touts a “Fake News” media war and says his rallies must go on. But insiders say Trump's fears are easy to see.

Trump Accuses CNN of Purposeful Fake News "Fraud on American Public"

Yesterday, CNN corrected a story on Trump after getting its facts wrong. A barrage of Trump Tweets followed.

Bloomberg Running for President to Rebuild America

Michael Bloomberg officially announced his intention today to run for President as a Democrat.