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Who can beat Trump? I believe nearly any Democratic candidate other than lightning rods like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or Hillary Clinton.

This issue came up in a Tweet today by Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

Of course this was followed up by the inevitable

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Many would suggest the same about Trump. But even if it was true about Biden, it could be overlooked easily if people had any degree of faith in his VP.

If Biden wins the nomination, his team will figure this out, even if he cannot.

Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders has huge issues. He is an admitted Socialist, but he would appeal to the millennials and anyone staunchly anti-war.

The lead images is from How Warren and Klobuchar are navigating sexism.

Klobuchar Jumps in New Hampshire Poll

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Navigating Sexism

The lead images is from How Warren and Klobuchar are Navigating Sexism.

I don't know if that latest poll is accurate, but Warren gave her a big boost in the debate while making a fool out of herself with a lie about Sanders.

Warren's Debate Fiasco

For discussion, please see NeverWarren Trends to Top Spot After Her Enormous Debate Fiasco

Six Reasons for Klobuchar

  1. She is not a lightning rod nor has she offended anyone that I am aware of.
  2. She would appeal to many of those wanting a women on the ticket.
  3. She was against most of the nonsense in Iraq although she did support a boondoggle in Libya.
  4. She is a good debater.
  5. Like Biden, she is a moderate. If Democrats want to beat Trump, their best chance is a moderate ticket that independents can support.
  6. Her youth counteracts Biden’s age.

One Term Issues

Biden is up there in years, but so are Trump, Sanders, Bloomberg, and Warren.

The advantage for someone like Klobuchar is Biden would be a one-term president for sure.

And if you think about the setup clearly, it is also an advantage for voters who would otherwise be hesitant to back Biden.

I will list the 8 reasons I expect Trump to lose in a following post.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock