by Mish

Savings, are better under the mattress”. How often have we heard this phrase! The difficult economic situation in recent months and various scandals involving financial institutions have led many to dream about fluffy Spanish euros. Francisco Santos also dreamed, and woke up to make it happen: he created the first mattress with built-in safe.

Santos had a dream. He consulted with his pillow, news about the distrust and uneasiness of savers, and in doing he rediscovered the old habit of keeping money under the mattress. And thus was born the idea of creating a safe mattress with built in such a way that “it is not necessary to keep the money under the mattress” but in a safe within the mattress, says Santos.
“History repeats itself. Ancient people thought the safest place to keep your money under the mattress was. Now we propose the same thing, and we’ve seen people’s uneasiness about the current situation.”
The campaign to promote this product is a parody on the advertising of a financial institution touting ‘My Mattress Savings’.

Distrust of banks and governments is widespread and growing (and rightfully so).


Mike “Mish” Shedlock 

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