The BBC reports Further Blow for Merkel in Hesse.

The Financial Times says Merkel Coalition Under Pressure After Hesse Reversal.

ZeroHedge reports Merkel's CDU Suffers Crushing Losses In Hesse Election; Worst Result For SPD In 130 Years.

DW reports Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives eke out win in Hesse election.


Despite a large drop in support, the CDU has won the Hesse state regional poll, giving the chancellor some welcome breathing room.

Breathing Room? Not Quite

CDU plus the greens will barely have a majority, if indeed they even have one.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Support for SPD Dives: Coalition Doubts Mount

Support for SPD, in coalition talks with CDU/CSU to form a German government, is now at a record low. Doubts mount.

Far-Right AfD Surges in Two East German State Elections Thanks to Young Voters

CDU held on to Saxony and SPD held Brandenburg but a huge surge for AfD gave them second place in both elections.

Adding to Merkel's Woes: SPD's Collapse in Germany, Greens the New Left Darlings

Support for Merkel's coalition partner SPD is in a state of collapse. And it's not just a single poll.

Rise of the Greens: Merkel's Coalition Partner, SPD, Vanishes Into Irrelevance

The latest INSA poll shows support for SPD and CDU has collapsed. AfD tops SPD and the Greens now top CDU. SPD is toast.

AfD Tied or Ahead of SPD in Latest Two Polls

AfD has surpassed or tied SPD in the latest Germany polls. Support for the CDU/CSU union is also trending lower.

Grand Coalition Talks Proceed: Elections Avoided? Not Yet

CDU and SPD agreed to enter a final round of talks to form another grand coalition. Don't celebrate yet.

Merkel and SPD Agree to Grand Coalition: Ratification a Tossup at Best

After weeks of bickering, Merkel and SPD agreed to form another grand coalition. The hard part is next: ratification.

AfD Might Win Two German State Elections, Saxony and Brandenburg, on September 1

State elections in the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony are on September 1. AfD could win both of them.

Hurricane Over Germany: Coalition on Verge of Collapse, New Elections?

The Jamaica coalition in Germany between the Greens, CDU/CSU, and FDP is on the verge of collapse. If it does collapse, Merkel may try to form a minority government or there may be new elections. Jamaica refers to the colors of the party flags, the same colors of the Jamaica national flag.