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It's an amazing spectacle to watch. Every day there is another tariff, tariff threat, or tariff retaliation, all in the name of "free trade".

Trump Goes After EU

Trump Goes After Mexico Exports and Immigration Laws

For Good Measure Trump Goes After Opec

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Lovely. Since Trump is adamant about free trade and lower oil prices I have two suggestions.

  1. Unilaterally suspend all tariffs.
  2. Halt the Iran sanctions

As I said yesterday, No Matter What Any Other Country Does, the Correct Action is to Eliminate Tariffs.

More accurately, I said "reduce" not eliminate, but eliminate is how I feel. I ran into a character limit on the title. The article itself said eliminate.

Mad, Mad, World

Like Trump, the EU trade commissioner also "Stands Up for Open Global Trade" by Hiking Tariffs.

It's madness.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock