It's an amazing spectacle to watch. Every day there is another tariff, tariff threat, or tariff retaliation, all in the name of "free trade".

Trump Goes After EU

Trump Goes After Mexico Exports and Immigration Laws

For Good Measure Trump Goes After Opec

Lovely. Since Trump is adamant about free trade and lower oil prices I have two suggestions.

  1. Unilaterally suspend all tariffs.
  2. Halt the Iran sanctions

As I said yesterday, No Matter What Any Other Country Does, the Correct Action is to Eliminate Tariffs.

More accurately, I said "reduce" not eliminate, but eliminate is how I feel. I ran into a character limit on the title. The article itself said eliminate.

Mad, Mad, World

Like Trump, the EU trade commissioner also "Stands Up for Open Global Trade" by Hiking Tariffs.

It's madness.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Auto Truce is Over: Trump Again Threatens the EU, Japan with a 25% Tariff

Trump again threatens the EU with 25% tariffs on cars just as he is working on a deal with China. What's the obsession?

Tariff Ping-Pong: Trump Again Threatens the EU

The moment Trump caved in on China tariffs, threats against the EU were a given.

No Deal: Trump Offers Zero-Tariff Deal, EU Refuses

Germany is in a bind. It wants a tariff deal to save its car manufacturing. The rest of the EU would rather fight.

Triple Tantrum: Stocks Sink, GOP & EU Outrage on Trump's Steel Tariffs

Trump announced sweeping new tariffs on steel and aluminum. The stock market threw a tantrum and so did GOP leaders.

Trump Again Threatens Europe With Tariffs: Expect Instant Global Recession

Trump is hopping mad the EU for at least seven reasons. Mad enough to foolishly smack them with tariffs? I Believe so.

Trump Provides Clarity to EU: "Big Deficit We Tax Cars"

The EU wants clarity of US tariffs. Trump provides clarity, but the EU is not happy with it.

Trump Eyes More Airbus Tariffs: Hey, Why Not?

Trump is on a Tariff stampede again. He went after Brazil and Argentina today and now has his eyes on the EU.

Trump Threatens to Place Tariffs on All $500B China Imports, Blasts Fed Again

Trump blasted the Fed, the EU, China today with threats to put tariffs on everything. China and the EU are manipulators.

Trump Praises Mexico, Threatens Canada With Tariffs On Cars

President Trump says deal with Mexico moving nicely but Canada must wait, barriers too high.