Campus Reform reports Berkeley Prof Wants to Nix Student Evals After White Male Profs Score Higher.

A University of California, Berkeley professor suggested scrapping end-of-semester student evaluations for hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions after claiming that the grades and evaluations are biased against female instructors and people of color.

“Over the next few weeks, students will get the chance to evaluate their professors and TAs. They’re going to get it wrong,” UC Berkeley history professor Brian DeLay tweeted on Sunday. “They’ll be harder on women and people of color than on white men. Tenured white male faculty, in particular, should help their students understand this.”

Thanks to reader CJ for this article.

"I Know Better"


There you have it. Let's not ask students what they want because "I, Brian DeLay, know the students will get it wrong."

Bear in mind, this is after constant hounding of students, virtual elimination of freedom of speech on campuses, and the creation of "safe zones" etc., where saying anything against women, people of color, gays, lesbians, transgenders is not tolerated.

I suggest, the students are indeed biased, but in the reverse manner that know-it-alls like Brian DeLay suggest.

For the record, one of the best professors I had in college was Ms. Tong, an Asian lady who taught calculus. I suspect she would have blown away the ratings of the other math teachers.

There was no one in that class who had anything but complete respect for her.

It is the height of arrogance for DeLay to tell students that he knows they are biased and wrong.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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