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Let's compare Trump in August of 2019 to today. 

August 2019

Please recall ICE Arrests Hundreds in Mississippi Raids Targeting Immigrant Workers

In a coordinated sting, more than 600 agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement showed up at the sites with federal warrants that allowed them to search the premises. About 680 immigrants who were believed to be working without legal documentation were apprehended and taken away on buses.

Three poultry plants that are owned and operated by Peco Foods in three towns, and a fourth run by Koch Foods, in Morton, Miss., were among the facilities raided on Wednesday.

It's Immigrants Who Pack Your Meat 

The Atlantic reports It’s Immigrants Who Pack Your Meat.

The immigration raid last week at seven poultry plants in rural Mississippi was a perfect symbol of the Trump administration’s racism, lies, hypocrisy, and contempt for the poor. It was also a case study in how an industry with a long history of defying the law has managed to shift the blame and punishment onto workers.

Planned for more than a year, the raid involved at least 600 agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, helicopters, and a staging area at a local National Guard base. The agents carried handguns, wore black body armor, and led 680 immigrant workers—almost all Latino, many of them women—to waiting buses with their hands zip-tied behind their backs. One worker, an American citizen, was shot with a Taser for resisting arrest. Children gathered outside the poultry plants crying as their parents were taken away and sent to private prisons; other kids sat in classrooms and at day-care centers, unaware that their families were being torn apart. It was the first week of school.

What Happened?

Trump set up a sting by posting help wanted ads for meat packing plants. When people applied they were arrested, then deported, even separated from their kids.

Meatpacking Work Conditions

Meatpacking remains an unusually dangerous and unpleasant occupation, with an injury rate much higher than that of other manufacturing jobs. Poultry workers stand close to one another with sharp knives, repeating the same motion again and again more than 15,000 times in a single shift, slicing birds as they pass on conveyor belts every two seconds. A 2013 investigation by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that 42 percent of the workers at a poultry plant in South Carolina were suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The work is bloody, difficult, and full of potential harms.

April 2020

Suddenly we have a national emergency. 

Covid-19 has shut meatpacking plants. Those plants are perfect breeding ground for the coronavirus.

Using a Korean War "Defense Protection Act" Trump Orders Meat Packing Plants to Stay Open

Four Questions

  1. OK, Trump can force the plants to stay "open", but open for what?
  2. Can Trump send in qualified workers to run the plants?
  3. Can Trump force the existing workers to show up?
  4. If not, will Trump show up himself and do the work?

Two Bonus Questions


  1. Rather than thumping his chest and making demands on workers, wouldn't a softer approach been better?
  2. How many workers will this piss off enough to cause them to vote Democratic?

All of a sudden we need workers. 

Stability of the Global Food System Relies on Immigrants

Quartz reports Stability of the Global Food System Relies on Immigrants

The global food system as it operates today relies on immigrant labor to run smoothly, and the pandemic is emphasizing the risk of undervaluing that work.

At a Smithfield Foods-owned meatpacking plant in South Dakota, employees told Buzzfeed News that many of the plant’s 3,700 workers are immigrant workers. That plant was among the 17 that have so far closed since the middle of April, including plants operated by Tyson Foods, JBS USA, and National Beef Packing. Collectively, those shuttered plants supply the US with about 25% of its meat. 

New Question Today

Q. Will Trump and ICE look away? 
A: Of, course 

Trump Gambles on Immigrant Workers

Politico reports Trump Gambles on Immigrant Workers

The Trump administration is still soliciting immigrants for specific jobs despite droves of Americans filing for unemployment.

It is easing requirements for immigrants to get jobs as farm workers, landscapers and crab pickers, aware that industries, including those that fill grocery store shelves, could be hurt if they couldn’t hire foreign employees.

And until facing criticism this week, it had been moving ahead with a 35,000-person increase in the number of seasonal workers in part for expected job openings at resorts and golf courses after the pandemic releases its grip on the economy.

There’s still a need for these types of workers,” said one business industry representative in touch with the administration.

"These Types" vs "Those Types"

It's now a national emergency to have more of "these types" of immigrant workers.

Of course, we have to keep Trump's golf courses open. 

Golf is a clearly a national emergency worthy of invoking the Korean War Defense Act.

That's what makes resort workers part of "these types" as opposed to "those types"

Food Rotting in the Fields But Shortages in the Stores

Meanwhile, please note Food Rotting in the Fields But Shortages in the Stores.