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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Landlords, Wave of Evictions Coming Up

The US Supreme Court made the correct ruling on Thursday.
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Supreme Court on Thursday

Eviction Moratorium is Over

With a mere $5 billion of an allocated $47 billion in eviction prevention funds dispersed, Supreme Court Blocks New Eviction Moratorium.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has repeatedly renewed the eviction moratorium for millions of tenants affected by the pandemic, in large part to allow them to remain in their homes as state and local governments struggle to disburse some $47 billion of rental assistance provided by Congress. The current order was set to expire Oct. 3; as of July 31, just $4.7 billion of the rental assistance had reached landlords and tenants.

The moratorium has put…millions of landlords across the country, at risk of irreparable harm by depriving them of rent payments with no guarantee of eventual recovery,” the court said. “Many landlords have modest means. And preventing them from evicting tenants who breach their leases intrudes on one of the most fundamental elements of property ownership—the right to exclude.

The eviction moratorium “targets only those people who have nowhere else to live, in areas with dangerous levels of community transmission. These people may end up with relatives, in shelters, or seeking beds in other congregant facilities where the doubly contagious Delta variant threatens to spread quickly,” wrote Justice Stephen Breyer, joined by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. “The public interest is not favored by the spread of disease or a court’s second-guessing of the CDC’s judgment,” he wrote.

Public Interest 

The public interest is not served by allowing freeloaders to squat in property for what is now going on 18 months.

States were warned in June by the Supreme Court and did nothing about it.

Heck, half of this money to assist renters was available in March of 2020 then Congress added to it. 

The moratorium without pay to landlords went on 17 months too long already. 

Rep. Cori Bush (D., Mo.), staged a one-person sleep-in on the Capitol to pressure the Biden administration to renew the moratorium despite its legal vulnerability.

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Biden listened. He listens to all the Progressives and Marxists who believe it is perfectly OK to take someone's property without compensation. 

If states want to stop evictions, they ought to do what they should have done 17 months ago: Distribute funds specifically allocated to stop evictions.

Who's to Blame

If tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions are evicted and become homeless, do not blame the landlords or the Supreme Court. 

Blame the states for not distributing the allocated funds and Congress for the rules regarding funds disbursement. 

This is really sickening from multiple angles.

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