Law, Not a Recommendation

Following a huge surge in the number of Covid cases, Sweden Bans Public Events of More Than Eight People.

The new limit is part of the Public Order Act and therefore is a law, not a recommendation like many of Sweden's coronavirus measures. People who violate the ban by organising larger events could face fines or even imprisonment of up to six months.

"It's going to get worse. Do your duty and take responsibility to stop the spread of infection. I'll say it again. It's going to get worse. Do your duty and take responsibility to stop the spread of infection," said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at the press conference on Monday.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said "we can't regulate every social gathering" but urged people to follow the new limit at all kinds of events. 

 This is the new norm for the whole society, for all of Sweden. Don't go to the gym. Don't go to the library. Don't have dinners. Don't have parties. Cancel," he said.

This new law change follows an announcement last week that Sweden would ban the sale of alcohol at bars, restaurants and pubs after 10pm. In connection with that announcement, Löfven gave a stark warning to residents of Sweden in a speech where he warned "every decision you make matters" and said that too many people had begun to relax.

The order takes effect on November 24th and will last for four weeks. 

Cumulative Deaths Per Million (Log) 


Cumulative Deaths Per Million (Log)  2020-11-16

Cumulative Deaths Per Million (Linear)

Cumulative Deaths Per Million (Linear) 2020-11-16

The linear chart puts Sweden vs the rest of the Scandinavian countries as well as the US in better perspective.