Sweden Brings in Rule of Eight Per Table

Sweden has spiked past the US in Covid cases per million. 

Once a model of doing little, Sweden Brings in Rule of Eight for Diners.

Sweden has limited to eight per table the number of people sitting together in cafes and restaurants, amid a sharp rise in coronavirus infections.

"We have a very serious situation," Prime Minister Stefan Löfven warned, saying the virus was "going in the wrong direction".

Sweden has reported 31 Covid deaths since Friday, taking the death toll to 5,969 - far higher than its neighbours.

Mr Löfven also announced stricter recommendations - including working from home if possible and avoiding public transport - for another three regions: Halland, Örebro and Jönköping,

More than 134,000 people have been infected in the Scandinavian country since the start of the pandemic.

Other European Developments

  • France has reported 854 deaths linked to Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. It's the country's highest daily death toll since mid-April and double the figure recorded on Monday
  • The Netherlands is introducing extra lockdown measures. Museums, cinemas, sex clubs and other public places will close for two weeks. A "rule of two" applies outdoors, and households are allowed a maximum of two guests a day
  • Germany's health minister warned that the country was in a crucial phase of its fight against the outbreak, after it entered a month-long "lockdown light" on Monday
  • The number of people dying in the UK is more than 10% above normal levels - with almost all of the excess linked to Covid, official figures showed
  • Greece expanded a night curfew on movement, shutting restaurants, theatres and museums in the most populous regions - including the capital Athens - for a month
  • New lockdowns come into force at midnight in Portugal, too, affecting around 70% of the country's population

New Deaths Per Million 


New Deaths Per Million 2020-11-03

In order, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, the US, and Germany lead in new deaths per million. 

Those six countries all have over 1 death per million. 

Spain, France, Italy, and the UK lead the way with 8.1, 6.4, 3.9, and 2.0 deaths per million.

The US is in fifth place in this group at 1.7 deaths per million.

It is impossible to post every country on that chart. 

I selected the largest countries in the EU plus Sweden, the US, Canada, and Asian countries at the low end of the scale for comparison purposes.


1 Million US Cases, By When?

Coronavirus cases are still on track for hitting the 100,000 mark very soon.