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Electrek reports Tesla’s Feet Internet Network is Down.

> Tesla’s fleet network connection, which is an increasingly important feature for owners, is currently down fleet-wide.

> Tesla’s network has been down for prolonged periods of times before. Back in 2016, the system was down for almost a full day when owners could get an internet connection, which enables features like remote data, music streaming, traffic data for navigation, and also works with Autopilot.

> The internet connection and access to the Tesla app is also more important for Model 3 owners who often use it as their main way to unlock and start their car.

> During the last internet connection shutdown, Tesla said that Model 3 owners should still be able to use their phone if they stay signed into their Tesla account and don’t restart the app.

> Along with the fleet’s internet connection, Tesla’s website is also down at the moment.

In 2016 Tesla blamed ATT.

It seems to me that using any of these features is more than a bit risky, regardless of who Tesla blames.

Comments on the site indicate you can use the phone, if you're logged in. If you're not logged in on the app, then you can't do anything with the phone. The keycard will work though.

One person reported "I'm connected to Wifi and not work. Unless they solely use ATT for remote access, then something Tesla side causing the issue."

"A reminder to always also bring your Key Card," said another.

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But "The keycard does not work when the car's 12V battery fails," notes a third person.

Extremely Expensive Brick

My favorite comment comes from a TechCrunch report on Tesla's Major Network Issues.

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As noted previously, I am short Tesla via PUTs staggered over the next four months.

Electrek Update

Update 6:52PM ET: the website is slowly getting back up, but the app is still down. While the system is down, Tesla apparently started pushing a new update: Tesla is rolling out extra layer of security with ‘improved cryptography’ and optional ‘PIN to Drive’ feature


Update 9:00PM ET: The problem now appears to be fixed.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock