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Reopening in Reverse

Yesterday, Covid-19 cases in Texas soared to a record high 6,177. In response, Texas Stopped Reopening Plans.

"The State of Texas will pause any further phases to open Texas as the state responds to the recent increase in positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations," Governor Greg Abbott's office announced in a statement.

"The last thing we want to do as a state is go backwards and close down businesses. This temporary pause will help our state corral the spread," Abbott said, asking residents to wear masks and respect social distancing guidelines.

Trump's Fake News of the Day

Yesterday, Trump complained of too much testing. Today he repeated his own fake news in a Tweet.

Trump says Texas and 4 other states are doing too much Covid testing and he seeks to stop it.

Trump has not yet figured out that hospitalizations follow cases and deaths follow hospitalizations.

Testing Wait Times

Trump wants to halt testing despite Dallas County wait times of at least two hours at drive-thru testing sites in downtown Dallas and southern Dallas County.

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Four And A Half Hours For A 30-Second Test

Pete Freedman, co-founder of Central Track, documented his Four And A Half Hours Wait For A 30-Second Test.

Texas Medical Center ICU Beds 97% Occupied

Please note that Texas Medical Center ICU Beds 97% Occupied.

Fake News on Fake News

In case you missed it, please consider Trump's Fake News of the Day: States Testing Too Much.

Trump's solution is to cut funding for testing in Texas and 4 other states. 

Great Testing

Today, Trump brags about "Great Testing". Apparently our testing is so great that it is now bad.