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In Florida, cases surge nearly 80% as the US hits daily high of nearly 40,000 new cases.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had enough of his reopening plans and has shuttered bars at noon. 

Florida reported 8,933 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, an almost 80% increase from the day before. Florida, Texas, California and Arizona accounted for nearly half of a record-breaking 39,972 confirmed Covid-19 cases reported on Thursday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Amid the rising number of cases, Mr. Abbott on Friday limited restaurants to 50% capacity and required bars to close at noon except for delivery and takeout.

At this time, it is clear that the rise in cases is largely driven by certain types of activities, including Texans congregating in bars,” Mr. Abbott said. He also said most outdoor gatherings of 100 or more people would need approval from local governments. Texas had been allowing gatherings of more than 500 people, with approval from local authorities.

Abbott's Change in Tune

  • Recall that Abbott would not let local jurisdictions set reopening rules any tougher than set at the state level.
  • Also recall state level rules were widely ignored. 
  • Now he closed bars at noon. 

Delayed Reactions

A few states started reopening on May 1. Texas was in that list. 

It takes time after premature openings and abandoning of social distancing for cases to escalate. 

Premature Celebration, Led by Trump

Things looked good in early June, but it was a premature celebration, led by Trump.

Trump insisted on having rallies in packed stadiums and halted testing in locations in five states including Texas. 

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We have yet to see the fallout from those moments of self-adulation. 

For details, please see Trump's Campaign Visit to Arizona Church is Irresponsible at Best

Trump Blames Increased Testing

Not Just Increased Testing

Covid-19 Hotspot Update: Why the Surge in the South?

On June 24, I addressed the question Why the Surge in the South?

Trump is Behind in Every Recent Battleground Poll

Meanwhile, Trump is Behind in Every Recent Battleground Poll

Trump is behind in all 17 of the most recent polls in 6 key battleground states. In addition, Trump trails in the most recent Ohio poll.

One of the reasons is his poor handling of Covid-19, which Trump has dubbed "ChinaVirus". 

If that is supposed to win votes, here's a hint: It wont.