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The FTC is on a Supply Chain Witch Hunt Looking for Price Gouging

Numerous companies have 45 days to respond to an FTC probe into supply chain imp
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Federal Trade Commission

FTC Witch Hunt

The FTC Asks Amazon, Walmart, Kroger and Other Companies for Information regarding Supply Chain Issues.

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking information from Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., Walmart Inc. and others about how they are handling supply-chain snarls, part of a study into whether the problems have led to anticompetitive behavior and higher prices.

The document request isn’t part of any law-enforcement action, the FTC said in a press release. Instead, the agency said it is looking to understand the reasons behind the widespread supply-chain problems that have crimped economic growth. 

The agency is also seeking documents and information from Kroger Co., C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc., Associated Wholesale Grocers Inc., McLane Co., Tyson Foods Inc., and Kraft Heinz Co. The companies have 45 days to respond.

The order will require the companies to detail how they are navigating the supply chain crisis, including how it has affected the availability of transportation, delayed orders and led to increased prices. The FTC also wants to know what companies are doing to fix the problems and how they allocate products among stores when products are scarce.

What a major waste of time and money for the FTC and all the companies burdened with nonsense.

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