Hard Hit Age Groups

Every age group was clobbered with employment losses in the initial phase of the Covid pandemic especially those aged 16-24.

In April, employment in age group 16-19 declined by 32%, age group 20-24 by 30%, and age group 25-34 by 14%. 

Age group 35-44 was the least impacted, down 10%.

That makes the April range 10%-32%.

Current State of the Recovery

The recovery was strongest in the age groups hit the hardest. The entire range now is -7% to -4% with 65+ down 7%. Age group 35-44 is down only 4% (3.64%). 

Stalled Recovery

The jobs recovery has stalled and did so at different times for different age groups.

Peak Decline and Recovery Months


  • Age Group 16-19: -32.34% in April, -1.11% in October, -5.05% in January
  • Age Group 20-24: -29.50% in April,  -6.18% in November, -6.81% in January.
  • Age Group 25-34: -14.45% in April, -6.2% in January
  • Age Group 35-44: -10.13% in April, -3.60% in September, -3.64% in January
  • Age Group 45:54: -13.91% in April, -5.43% in December,  - 5.33% in January
  • Age Group 55-59: -12.67% in April, -5.91% in October, -6.72% in January
  • Age Group 60-64:  -12.17% in April, -3.56% in August, -4.24% in January
  • Age Group 65+: -14.53% in May, -4.81% in November, -7.39% in January
  • All Age Groups: -14.92% in April, -5.43% in October, -5.48% in January

Unemployment Rate Dives as People Drop Out of the Labor Force and Life

Unemployment Rate Seasonally Adjusted 2021-01

Earlier today I noted Unemployment Rate Dives as People Drop Out of the Labor Force and Life

That decline in the unemployment rate is a statistical anomaly related to a BLS adjustment in population. 

The Labor Force declined by 406,000. Also note the population normally rises month-to-month but instead it fell by 379,000.

The BLS made this notice today: "Household survey data for January 2021 reflect updated population estimates." 

Year-over-year employment numbers tell the real story. 

Note that year-over-year percentages will start looking ridiculous in March due to easy comparisons. 


Jobs Decline for the First Time in 8 Months

Nonfarm payrolls fell for the first time since a pandemic driven plunge in April. Leisure and Hospitality jobs were hammered.

Mapping All the Jobs Created in the Recovery by Hourly Wage

On Friday, the BLS updated hourly wages and jobs information. Let's backtrack to the start of the recovery for details.

For Last 3 Months, Job Growth Averaged 165K, Employment Only 62K

Today’s employment report shows an increase of 156,000 jobs. The BLS revised revised November employment to 204,000. from 178,000. The BLS revised October lower a second time. Last month The BLS lowered October from +161,000 to +142,000. This month the BLS took October down again to +135,000.

The Next Jobs Report Will Be Bloody

Mall of America will temporarily close. Restaurants and bars in 16 states will close. Macy's will close. Much more.

Steepest 2-Month Plunge in Job Openings Ever

The BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey shows the steepest decline ever in job openings.

January Jobs Up 200K, Unemployment Steady 4th Month, Workweek Falls

Nonfarm payrolls rose by 200K in January beating the consensus of 175K. Unemployment held at 4.1% for the 4th month.

Ford to Slash More Jobs But Won't Say How many, VW to Kill 7,000 Jobs

Ford and Volkswagon both announced major job cuts. But Ford won't disclose how many until the deed is done.