Bloomberg reports Hong Kong's Fifth-Tallest Tower Sells for Record $5.15 Billion . A Chinese-led group bought the 73-story building, in a red-hot Hong Kong property market.

Red Hot Deals

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Simple Question

I have a simple question, one the article never addresses.


What the hell do the buyers know that the sellers don't?

Pertinent Tweets

I have one of my own that fits the picture.

For details please see Nonsensical Global Worries Over Subdued Inflation: Yellen, Draghi, Kuroda .

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Imagination: "If You Can't See Bitcoin at $320K You Lack Imagination"

Imagination has taken hold Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss. The twins are still fired up about bitcoin.

Mindless Crypto Action

I follow crptos frequently, but only for amusement, not investment purposes.

Expect No Further Labour Gains: What You See is What You Get

UK election polls have stabilized. The Tory lead is somewhere between 7% and 15%.

No Matter What Any Other Country Does, the Correct Action is to Reduce Tariffs

I seldom agree 100% with any articles of reasonable size. Today, I found another exception.

Nice Action in Gold!

Gold responded to something today (or perhaps nothing), but the action is technically very bullish, especially monthly.

Johnson to Corbyn "Call an Election, You Great Big Girl's Blouse"

The bill to prevent a no deal Brexit passed today in commons by an even bigger margin than the vote to have a vote.

Auto Sales Jump as Hurricane Replacement Continues: Ford Sees "Plateau"

Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan reported monthly gains in the U.S., setting the stage for a strong industry finish in 2017. Economists misinterpret this hurricane-related impact with actual, ongoing strength.

China Needs Money - Evidence in Desperate FDI Actions, Not Words

China is heading for fiscal and current-account deficits amid an escalating trade war. Its response is to encourage FDI.

Top 10 Warmongering Ideas of the Day

The list of warmongering excuses is nearly endless. Here's 10 of them.