The Labor Force Adjusted Unemployment Rate is Still 10%


Fed Chair Jerome Powell proposed a methodology that factored in labor force declines due to Covid. I replicate the idea.

Powell Calculation

An Economists Asked me How Did Powell

I discussed Powell's adjusted unemployment rate on March 2, in How Did the Fed Conclude the Real Unemployment Rate Was 10% in January?

As you can see, I came up with nearly the same chart via the methodology described in the above link.

Private Payroll Rise a Whopping 465,000

Earlier today I noted Private Payroll Rise a Whopping 465,000

The BLS put the official unemployment rate at 6.2% whereas the labor-force adjusted unemployment rate is 10.0%.

Labor Force and Projected Labor Force

Labor Force and Projected Labor Force 2021-02

The Wall Street Journal comments Better Job Market Not Nearly Good Enough for the Fed.

Given Powell's repeated comments regarding the labor force, I certainly agree.

By my calculation, the labor force is 5.8 million below the number Powell seeks, and 4.2 million below the February 2020 pre-Covid labor force of 164.4 million.

The labor force is a moving target. It has been on a steady increase at the same average monthly rate since the beginning of 2016. 

I believe Powell used a similar methodology or the charts would not align as much as they do. 

Fed Hubris

Although I agree with Powell that the unemployment rate is hugely understated, I disagree strongly with the Fed's approach to deal with it.

For discussion, please see Fed Hubris: Housing Prices Show the Fed is Making the Same Inflation Mistake


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Not that I think you will take this as a compliment Mish, but Janet Yellen just said the same thing on the PBS Newshour about 15 minutes ago. So, is this a case of her being like a stopped clock; right twice a day? Or, is it back to the math lab for you to find your error, because the idea that you would agree with anything Yellen says is sort of really funny.


I kept reading about how there was an exodus from California but I noticed traffic was as bad it has ever been when I would drive around the bay area last year. Now I know why. In San Francisco proper i noticed less traffic and fewer people. Now the data backs up what I observed.

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