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States Cannot Handle a Mail Surge

On August 14, DeJoy warned 46 States It Cannot Handle a Surge in Ballots.

USPS Warns 46 States of Mail Issues for Voting

Because of that warning, DeJoy was summoned before Congress to answer questions.

Sudden Change of Tune

Today, in Congress, DeJoy says Postal Service Can Handle a Surge in Mail-In Ballots.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy defended his efforts to make the Postal Service run more efficiently and said the mail agency could handle an expected surge in mailed ballots this fall amid concerns, particularly from Democrats, that his actions would interfere with the presidential election.

Mr. DeJoy, a former logistics-company executive and Republican Party donor, had sought operational changes, such as reducing extra delivery trips, which postal-union representatives have blamed for delaying deliveries. Complaints about delays have spilled over into concerns about the election, in which mail-in voting is expected to hit historic highs because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. DeJoy said the Postal Service has removed around 35,000 collection boxes over the past decade. “I had no idea” that process was under way, he said, but decided to pause it until after the election in response to the public outcry. He said the Postal Service routinely reviews where collection boxes are needed and where to place new ones.

Mr. DeJoy said there was no intention to bring back any mail-sorting machines that have been removed. “They’re not needed,” he said in response to a question from Mr. Peters.

Logistics Expert

Dejoy, the Postmaster, an alleged logistics expert, had no idea the Post Office was removing collection boxes. 

He also removed sorting machines capable of sorting 35,000 letters per hour.

Ample Capacity Definition

Today he says the USPS has ample capacity to handle election mail this fall" while urging voters to mail in ballots at least a week before their state’s due date, if not earlier.

Apparently, we have "ample" capacity if people assume it will take "at least" a week to deliver a ballot.

Greatist Rigged Election

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Trump claims mail-in voting will lead to the "greatest Rigged Election in history".

Trump's Strange Position on Florida

Trump's position on Florida was so strange even Fox News questioned it.

Amusingly, Trump said he will approve billions of dollars in funding for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as part of a coronavirus relief package if Democrats make concessions on certain White House priorities.

Trump Willing to Accept Fraud

In short, Trump is willing to accept the "greatest rigged election in history" if only the Democrats compromise on other Covid issues.

"Sure, if they gave us what we want. And it’s not what I want, it’s what the American people want," Trump said during a news conference, as reported by The Hill.

Trumpian Logic

We have seen this kind of Trumpian logic before. 

Trump called Huawei's 5-G software a huge security threat but he was willing to bargain that away if China bought more soybeans.

Something either is a security risk or isn't. And if it is, you do not bargain it away for soybeans or in Covid negotiations.

Kentucky Develops a Surprisingly Good Model for Mail-In Voting

Trumpian illogic aside, please note Kentucky Develops a Surprisingly Good Model for Mail-In Voting