Employment Recovery

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Part-Time Employment Recovery

Employeed Usually Part-Time August 2020 Data

Full-Time Employment Recovery 


Employed Usually Full-Time August 2020 Data

Full-time employment is up more in raw numbers but lags on a percentage basis.

Four months in, the part-time employment recovery is 68.1% vs 47.9% for full-time employment. Overall, the recovery is only 54.8%. 

Part-time employment will recover first and then some. In a few months, it may exceed 100%. 


Multiple Jobholders Artificially Boost “Full-Time”

The ECRI has an interesting study out today that pretty much confirms what I have said about Obamacare boosting part-time employment at the expense of full time jobs.

Art of the July Part-Time Work Jumps by 393,000; Full-Time Employment Down 54,000

Today’s establishment survey shows jobs rose by a stronger than expected 209,000. Revisions were not a factor, subtracting 7,000 in May and adding 9,000 in June.

Jobs Decline for the First Time in 8 Months

Nonfarm payrolls fell for the first time since a pandemic driven plunge in April. Leisure and Hospitality jobs were hammered.

Jobs Down 33K, Employment Up 906K, Full-Time Employment Down 65,000

The way the BLS accumulates household survey stats leads to some seemingly-wild mathematical discrepancies.