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The Unwoke in San Francisco Seek to Recall Three School Board Members

I am pleased to report an unwoke revolt where it's desperately needed.
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Abraham Lincoln High School

Revolt of the Unwoke

In a Revolt of the Unwoke, three progressive San Francisco school board members are targeted for a recall.

The targets are President Gabriela López, Vice President Faauuga Moliga and Commissioner Alison M. Collins. To force a recall election, pro-recall forces need 51,325 signatures for each candidate by Sept. 7.

They already have more than half what they need, and say they now have the resources to hire professional signature gatherers for the rest. Polling shows 69% of San Francisco parents back the school-board recall—far more than the 43% in a poll last week who support recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom in the election scheduled for Sept. 14. 

What Did the Woke Administrators Do?

  1. Punish Asian-Americans: The school board scrapped merit-based admissions in favor of a lottery system at Lowell High School, the crown jewel of the city’s public system. Lowell is already 82% nonwhite. Ms. López, the president,asserted that a merit-based system is inherently racist.
  2. San Francisco was one of the last public school systems to reopen. It was so bad, at one point the city itself sued the school district.
  3. Ordinary citizens are upset with educators dividing America into two groups, white oppressors and nonwhite oppressed. 
  4. in January the board voted to strip 44 public schools of their names, including Abraham Lincoln High over alleged complicity in racism or oppression. This was followed by an embarrassing about-face when it emerged how flimsy the criteria were.
  5. Ms. Collins was stripped of her vice president title and committee assignments when tweets from 2016 emerged, one of which accused Asian-Americans of using “white supremacist thinking to assimilate and get ahead.” Yet she remains on the board, which she is now suing for $87 million on grounds that she is the victim.

Rigged Lottery

In March, the Harmeet Dhillon, a nationally prominent Indian-American attorney and the Dhillon Law Group sent a letter threatening a lawsuit charging the board of education of a "rigged lottery".

I am writing this demand letter regarding the San Francisco Board of Education’s (“Board”) February 9, 2021 5-2 vote to permanently discontinue use of merit-based admissions at Lowell High School (“Lowell”). By adopting Resolution 212-2A1, the Board improperly and illegally converted Lowell’s carefully crafted admissions policy (“Policy 5120.1”) into a misleadingly labeled “lottery” admissions system (“Rigged Lottery”) ostensibly intended to address “systemic racism.” Unfortunately, the record overwhelmingly establishes that the new admissions program is not only not an impartial “lottery” that will fail to even remedy “systemic racism,” but constitutes an unconstitutional and illegal program designed to disenfranchise hardworking students in the San Francisco Unified School District (“SFUSD”) and decrease the number of Asian students admitted to Lowell.

The Board violated clear and longstanding precedent of California statutes, the California Constitution, and the United States Constitution, when it exchanged a merit-based admission process for a program intended and designed to reduce the number of Asian American students admitted to Lowell. The Board, under false legal pretense and the ruse that Lowell’s admissions process perpetuates “white supremacy,” changed Lowell’s admissions process to a Rigged Lottery designed to reduce the admission of Asian American applicants. 

You publicly stated your support for permanently demolishing Lowell’s merit-based admissions process because of your belief that Lowell needed “more representation” from minorities, completely ignoring the fact that Lowell’s student body is 82% non-white.

The Polls

I am also pleased to report San Francisco School Board Recall Effort Grows According to New Polling Data.

Helping the effort in the past few weeks has been new polling data by EMC Research. In a June 25th memo, it found that 69% of San Franciscan parents support the recall. The 69% figure, garnered from two polls conducted in May, showed a noticeable rise in support from February, when only 60% of parents were in favor of a recall.

The memo also notes that the SF School Board has an overall 71% negative rating among voters, with the District itself getting a 57% unfavorable rating. This was a drastic rise from a 2016 poll that showed that only 17% of voters had an unfavorable view of the School District.

Kick Em Goodbye 

San Francisco should not kiss López, Moliga and Collins goodbye.

They should figuratively kick them goodbye. 

Unfortunately most school districts do not have easy recall procedures. 

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Given the vote was 5-2 for the lottery system, the recall effort was two short of what's needed.

But flipping three votes would make it 5-2 in favor of sanity. 

That would be a good start and a nice model for the nation, assuming the replacements were not more Woke idiots.

Math and the SAT are Racist

On May 16, 2019 I discussed College Entrance Exam SAT Score Racial Profiling where 964=1223.

To compensate for the fact that Blacks score lower on average than Asians and Whites, SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ and colleges are using that score. Numerous lawsuits ensued.

On December 9, 2019, diversity scores were in full swing as noted in Adversity Scores: The Latest Dumbing Down of US Education

I did not associate SAT racial profiling with CRT at the time, but that is what's behind it.

Critical Race Theory Banned in 6 States

On June 27, I commented Critical Race Theory Banned in 6 States, That's 44 States Too Few.

Activists claim America is fundamentally racist, math is racist, the SAT College Entrance Exam is racist, and Whites are racists simply by being White. 

Good riddance to López, Moliga and Collins. It will be a small start.


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