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There's No Demand For Italy's Debt Except From the ECB

Were it not for ECB's country-specific QE, Italy's bond yields would be  soaring.
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Image from Tweet below. 

Image from Tweet below. 

Despite the ECB QE cover, Italy's 10-year bond yields are soaring relative to Germany. 

Eurozone 10-Year Sovereign Bond Yields

Data from ECB, chart by Mish

Data from ECB, chart by Mish

ECB data runs through June. August is the current spot rate. 

Current 10-Year Bond Yields 

  • Germany: 0.88%
  • Spain: 1.94%
  • France: 1.44%
  • Greece: 3.05%
  • Ireland: 1.55%
  • Italy 2.84%
  • Portugal: 1.89%

Spreads to Germany

10-Year Sovereign Bond Spread Over Germany 2022-08-08

Current 10-Year Bond Yield Spreads to Germany

  • Spain: 1.06%
  • France: 0.56%
  • Greece: 2.17%
  • Ireland: 0.67%
  • Italy 1.96%
  • Portugal: 1.01%

Italy and Greece are on life support. Were it not for arguably illegal country-specific QE by the ECB, Greek and Italian bond yields would be through the roof.

ECB president Christine Lagarde has said many times the central bank won’t allow financial conditions across the euro area to diverge significantly and is ready to do whatever is needed to avoid it.

The Big Myth

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The big Eurozone myth is that all Eurozone sovereign debt has no risk or the same risk. If so, the yield on all Eurozone sovereign bonds would be the same.

On July 26, 2012, after Greece 10-year bonds exploded to nearly 30 percent, then ECB president Mario Draghi (now Italy's Prime Minister) gave a speech announcing "We will do whatever it takes to preserve the Euro, and believe me it will be enough."

After the announcement yield spreads plunged.

Q: What did Draghi do?
A: Nothing!

The bluff worked then. It's not working for Lagarde now as evidenced by spreads and the chart by Robin Brooks. 

End of the 40-Year Bull in Debt and a “Global Depression” Threat

The bull market in bonds is over, and with that Danielle DiMartino Booth see a “Global Depression” Threat

Click on the link for an excellent video.

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