The Telegraph reports Theresa May mulls amending Good Friday Agreement to get her Brexit deal past MPs.

The Prime Minister will on Monday update Parliament on her attempts to draw up a so-called "plan B" for Brexit following cross-party talks in Westminster - and discussions with other EU leaders.

One of the proposals under consideration is rewriting the 1998 accord to assure Ireland that the UK is committed to no hard border on the island after the UK leaves the European Union in March.

Ministers believe that adding some text into the agreement would serve as a way of avoiding having to commit the UK to the backstop.

The plan is likely to prove highly controversial and would require the consent of all the parties involved in Northern Ireland.

On Sunday night, Mrs May held a conference phone call with her Cabinet. One Cabinet minister said the outcome of the call was "essentially one more heave on the backstop".

Mrs May is said to have told them her plan was to do "something" on the backstop. Asked if it was something specific or just "anything", she is said to have told them "the latter".

Cannot Possibly Work

The proposal cannot possibly work because the EU would have to agree with it. And they won't.

You and I can agree that 2 + 2 = 5, but that will not make it so.

May has to know this. But She was required to come up with Plan B, so she will presents Plan A again because, as I stated yesterday, There is No Plan B: Theresa May to Resubmit Plan A on Monday.

Such silliness cannot possibly buy any time, all it can do is waste what time remains.

That is clearly her strategy, and curiously, it appears to be Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's strategy as well.

They both cannot be right.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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