Theresa May's deal is doomed a second time after the Attorney General stated gave his legal opinion that the UK could be trapped in the backstop indefinitely. "The legal risk remains unchanged," said Cox.

With that announcement, the British Pound gave up yesterday's gains on the news.

More importantly, DUP and ERG say they cannot support May as MPs debate deal according to Politics Live on the Guardian.

23 MPs are willing to switch there votes following the revised statement May received from Jean-Claude Juncker yesterday. But that is nowhere near enough.


Even if all the undeclared decided to vote for the deal, it would still lose by a 345-292 count.

Estimates were that May needed to get this under 50 to have a shot at winning a third vote.

Remainers are likely pleased. But the bottom line is the odds of a no-deal Brexit just rose significantly.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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