The two companies are unrelated, Acronis and Canon.

The services and my reasons for calling them are also unrelated.

Acronis Details

Last week I filled up a backup drive on my computer. I ordered a new WD RAID external backup, 28 TB (but really mirrored 14 TB).

There was no setup instructions in the box so I went online and discovered, incorrectly, that Acronis (my computer backup software) does not work with RAID.

Acronis has a support number. I called it. Instead of having to go into a queue or answering a dozen questions I actually talked to a live person within 10 seconds. That person instructed me that the version I have does indeed work with RAID.

He was a low level person who could not answer the rest of my technical questions so he suggested online chat. Once again I connected almost instantly.

That person asked if I have Team Viewer (I do). He then asked if he could take control of my computer remotely. He did, then set me up on the backup schedule I want, formatted the WD drive because it did not seem to be initialized correctly, created a recovery disk then started the backups.

His name is Sujoy. When I asked, he told me he was from India. I asked if the name had a meaning.

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I then asked if it was possible to turn off WiFi backups. I have an ethernet connection and I do not want to use WiFi?


Because I ran up $400 phone bills twice when Acronis backups kicked in when I was on the road and tethered to my phone. My photo images are huge.

Sujoy showed me how to turn off WiFi.

So, yes, I am a happy Acronis customer. I have a RAID backup and my backup to the cloud, a new complete backup, is running now.

I only have 18 days remaining to finish the backup. Yes, that's how long backing up 1.5TB to the cloud takes.


I am very much looking forward to 5G.

Canon Details

Canon is another company with exemplary service.

I have a number of products, cameras, lenses, and printers. Twice I had difficulty setting up my EOS 5 Mark IV to do something and twice I was connected right away with a real live person quickly.

I have called in for service repairs as well. Same story.

You get a live person, quickly, and they are very helpful. The Canon service specialists know their products.

Worst in Class ATT

I can bitch about worst in class ATT for hours, and how damn near impossible it is get a live person, then when you do only to discover you are talking to someone in the wrong department who then cannot even get you connected to right person without going through another 10 minutes of automated software AI BS.

But I will cut that line of thought short in praise of two companies that have great products and great service.

Easy to Bitch, Hard to Praise

It's easy to bitch but hard to take the time to praise. Cheers to Acronis and Canon.


I Emailed Acronis and immediately received this reply.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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