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I will dive into some of the more recent polls shortly, but every pollster now has a double digit lead for the Tories.

Opinium has the Tories leading by 19 points.

Any rational person should have expected this.

As noted a bit earlier, Jeremy Corbyn Goes for Broke With Last Desperate Act.

Corbyn managed to change the election from a referendum on Brexit to a referendum on Corbyn.

Labour's Radical Plan Highlights

  1. Increase government spending by a massive £82.9bn a year, about 4pc of GDP, all paid for by rising taxes
  2. A £400bn “national transformation fund”, which would “add to the government’s debt” but isn’t in the headline figures.
  3. Nationalisation of rail, water, energy, bus, mail, and broadband companies
  4. Seizure of 10 percent of the shares in every big UK company and handing the shares to workers
  5. Raise the corporate tax rate to 26% from 19%
  6. An £11bn windfall tax on the oil and gas sector
  7. Free broadband internet for everyone
  8. Free shelter for the homeless
  9. Super-rich tax rate
  10. Tax on second homes
  11. Raise £8bn via a Financial Transactions Tax
  12. Higher inheritance tax
  13. Force landlords to sell homes to tenants at a "fair" price as determined by Labour
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No one in their right mind should vote for that.

Without a Doubt, Boris Johnson United the Tory Party

On November 21, I proposed Without a Doubt, Boris Johnson United the Tory Party

Upon further reflection, I am wondering if I have that correct.

Perhaps this is more accurate: Without a Doubt, Jeremy Corbyn has United the Tory Party.

I will crunch some possible numbers on this a bit later.

For now I will stick with my 88 seat majority for the Tories as noted in Looking Like a Tory Blowout and Complete Collapse of Labour.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock