Tories have gained ground In all the recent polls except for BMG which remained the same between polls,

But is the lead 6, 8, or 17? That's how wide the difference are but the Survation poll at 6% is getting rather stale.

In contrast, the three most recent poll spreads by Deltapoll, YouGov, and Opinium are 15%, 17%, and 16% respectively.

YouGov Spotlight

YouGov does the most polls in general, and it also offers some regional breakdown that other pollsters generally don't.

YouGov Tory Spread by Date and Region

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For the 2017 actuals, I used 2017 United Kingdom general election in England

UK Election 2017 - England Only

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Here are the 2017 United Kingdom General Election results.

2017 General Election Results

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Spreads Now vs 2017 Election

Take your pick. The spread between the Tories and Labour was 2.4 percentage points or 3.5 percentage points.

The most current spreads are in the mid-teens.

Spreads Now vs 2017 Trends

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But But But UK Polls Are Notoriously Bad

None of this matters to my avid Remainer friends because everyone knows that UK polls are notoriously bad, especially YouGov.

Precise quotes

  • "Well, forget the polls, UK polls are garbage."
  • " the trouble with Polls in the UK is that they are useless."


Let's explore that line of thought.

YouGov Election Model vs. Result

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YouGovFinal Pollvs Result

  • YouGov correctly called for a Hung Parliament
  • YouGov underestimated Tories by 1.5 PP
  • YouGov underestimated Labour by 3.0 PP

YouGov's expected 4.0 PP lead was actually 2.5 PP. That's your "notoriously bad" result.

Those counting on "notoriously bad" results to save the day, need something far more notorious given that YouGov has the Tories with a 17-point lead.

What About London?

I am glad you asked.

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YouGov Four Most Recent London Breakouts

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​In the 2017 election the Tories lost London by a whopping 21.4 percentage points.

In the latest poll, the Tories are down by a measly 1.0 percentage point. The poll count for London is likely thin, but still!

Also note my projections by other pollsters show Labour Losing Ground In Last Two Weeks even before the three new polls today.

My Current London Estimate

  • Tory: 32 (+11)
  • Labour: 33 (-16)
  • Lib Dem: 8 (+5)

If the current polls are in the ballpark, Tories stand to pick up over 10 seats in London and monstrous numbers in the "Rest of the South" and "Wales Midlands".

Oh, wait, I almost forgot. Throw all of this away. The polls are notoriously flawed, garbage, and in fact, totally useless.


  • Survation just jumped from 6% lead to 14% lead.
  • Lowest poll to be found is now +8
  • I believe Survation had the most accurate final poll in 2017

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Don't Watch the Latest Polls, Instead Watch the Trends

Here's the 6 most recent Tory poll results: 40, 36, 34, 36, 41, 36. Is there a trend? Yes, you have to dig to find it.

Tories Jump to Double Digit Lead in Every Poll

BMG was the last pollster holdout with a sub-10% Tory lead. BMG now has a 13% Tory lead, up from 8% on Nov 15.

Best and Most Controversial Pollster, YouGov's Latest Results

YouGov's latest poll shows another pickup for Labour with support for Tories unchanged.

Tory Majority of 48 Based On Latest ComRes Data

The latest ComRes polling data suggests a Tory majority of 48 in the UK election a week from now.

Number Crunching the Polls Points to Big Tory Win

An average of the last six polls suggests a Tory majority of 46 according to Electoral Calculus.

AfD Tied or Ahead of SPD in Latest Two Polls

AfD has surpassed or tied SPD in the latest Germany polls. Support for the CDU/CSU union is also trending lower.

Startling Tory Poll and Leadership Challenge Shrinkage

A You-Gov Poll shows some shocking preferences. In the non-news of the day, the Tory leadership challenge is down to 5.

Brexit Party Surge: Tories Drop to 5th Place in European Parliament Polls

The European Parliament polls rate to be a disaster for the Tories. But Labour is not the beneficiary.

UK Election Final Polls All Over the Place: Who's Right?

Still more polls are in. The Tory lead ranges from 5% to 11%.