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Emmanuel Macron published an op-ed in 28 member states.

The “Brexit Impasse is a Lesson for Us All” said Macron.

That's certainly a refreshing opinion. But the details show his manifesto is nothing more than a self-serving promotion for the upcoming EU parliament elections in his name.

He wants "tougher joint action on internet hate speech, the supervision of internet giants, new competition rules, a minimum European wage and a new defense treaty."

In short, Macron wants more immigration, more government interference in the free markets, more support for the family farm and family bookstores, and an EU military that has no purpose other than more warmongering.

He calls for a Europe-wide agency “for the protection of democracies” to shield against electoral interference from outside powers comes as campaigning for May’s European parliament elections gets underway.

Translation: Macron wants a Europe-wide agency to promote Macron.

Macron also proposed European rules to “banish all incitements to hate and violence from the internet, because respect for the individual is the bedrock of our civilization of dignity.”

Translation: Macron wants to abolish freedom of speech.

Macron, who has previously stressed that the EU must be seen to protect workers, now seeks a “social shield” for all workers across the bloc, “guaranteeing the same pay in the same workplace, and a minimum European wage appropriate to each country and discussed collectively every year”.

That's a bit curious. He wants a minimum wage that varies by country, yet equality for all.

AOC Parallels

AOC'c 93 Trillion Dollar Green New Deal is at least somewhat understandable.

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She is a young, naive, economically illiterate fool whose generation was screwed over by the baby boomer generation, my generation.

Macron is in generation X, the group between Boomers and Millennials.

At 41, he ought to be able to figure out up from down, but he can't.

More Europe

Brexit, the rise of Trump, and even the rise of AOC are all symptoms of the same thing: People are angry.

Banning free speech promotes more polarization. Calls for more government interference does the same. So does the request to build a European army.

People are over-taxed already. Who wants to pay for an army?

The UK, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, and Hungary are all reeling under the pressure of "more Europe".

Yet Macron wants to shove more Europe up everyone's ass with more rules, more regulations, and even the banning of free speech as if that would make all the problems disappear.

More Europe isn't the solution, it's part the problem.

The real problem that nearly everyone misses is the Fed coupled with government interference in the free markets.

For further discussion along these lines, please consider Ben Bernanke - The Father of Extreme US Socialism and Electoral Suicide: Beware the Radical Left.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock