The Wall Street Journal reports Trump, Congress Reach Tentative Deal to Reopen Government for Three Weeks.

President Trump and congressional leaders have reached a tentative deal to reopen the government for three weeks while negotiations over border security funding continue, according to congressional aides.

The deal—would amount to at least a temporary concession by Mr. Trump to Democrats—wouldn’t provide immediate funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, administration officials said. The deal would fund the government through Feb. 15 and start negotiations between the House and Senate over a full-year bill funding the Homeland Security Department, which oversees the border, aides said.

The stopgap spending bill would include an extension of border security funding at current levels, which includes $1.3 billion for border security but not expressly for a wall. Mr. Trump would still push for border wall funding in the deal reached after the three weeks are up.

Trump caved in for now.


He again threatens to declare an emergency if he does not get a wall.

Back pay for government workers is part of the deal.

Trump gave a very passionate speech. It remains to be seen what Pelosi and the Democrats will do.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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