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President Trump waved sanctions several times, but today, as expected, Trump unilaterally pulled out of a nuclear deal with Iran.

Trump cancelled the deal despite pleas from European leaders and legitimate concerns in Congress.

Trump’s decision, announced at the White House, follows the failure of last-ditch efforts by Britain, France and Germany to convince him that his concerns about “flaws” in the accord could be addressed without violating its terms or ending it altogether.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a sometime Trump critic, warned Tuesday that the ramifications of a U.S. withdrawal could reach beyond the Middle East.

“The agreement obviously had problems it didn’t address, Iran’s malign behavior or ballistic missiles. But after you’re in it and Iran has already realized the benefits of it ... to now allow them to get out of their obligations on the nuclear side would be foolhardy, in my view,” Flake told reporters. “And it also says more about our willingness to work with our allies. We’re having enough problems around the world in terms of our reliability, whether it’s trade or commercial engagements or security arrangements.”

Sanctions Reinstated

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Trump refused to answer question about the pullout, instead briefly commenting on progress in North Korea.

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Supposedly, Israel has proof Iran reneged on the deal. Let's see the proof.

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