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On Friday, president Trump invoked the Defense Production Act and Ordered General Motors to Make Ventilators.

President Trump ordered General Motors Co. to sharply ramp up the production of ventilators to treat coronavirus patients, turning to a wartime presidential power that he had been reluctant to use.

Mr. Trump on Friday invoked the Defense Production Act, or DPA, which dates back to the Korean War and gives the president powers to require businesses to produce goods tied to national defense. For weeks he had said that the threat of invoking the DPA was sufficient. Previously he likened using the DPA to nationalizing American business. He reversed course Friday, saying GM was “wasting time” in negotiations with the federal government.

With the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19—the disease caused by the new coronavirus—topping 100,000 in the U.S. on Friday, worries about a ventilator shortage have grown all the more urgent.

GM was already working toward wide-scale ventilator production through a collaboration struck last week with medical-device firm Ventec Life Systems.

Trump Blames GM for "Stupidly" Causing Ventilator Shortage

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Earlier today I commented Trump Blames GM for "Stupidly" Causing Ventilator Shortage

Big Foot In Big Mouth Disease

GM replied to Trump, “Ventec, GM and our supply base have been working around the clock for over a week to meet this urgent need.”

Not only was GM already working on the problem, this is not a matter of snapping one's fingers and demanding a certain number of ventilators.

GM needs to retool production lines. GM needs FDA approved parts.

Once again Trump stuck his big foot into his big mouth.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock