Not a Violation of Agreement

Kim Jong Un Won't Disappoint Trump


Trump's Friend Has Beautiful Vision

Trump's Tweets provide an endless series of entertainment fodder for writers.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Trump Offers Assistance to North Korea and Praises Kim Jong Un

Despite North Korea recently firing another missile, Trump offers cooperation and praise for Kim Jong Un.

Trump Meets Kim Jong Un in North Korea, Nuclear Talks Resume

Trump became the first sitting president to step into North Korea. Kim Jon Un accepted a last-minute invite from Trump.

Trump Downplays North Korea Missile Tests, Says Deal With Iran Possible

Trump isn't worried about North Korea belligerently firing off missiles. He now thinks a deal with Iran is possible.

Kim Accepts Trump's Offer to Meet in US and Trump Will Go to North Korea

According to North Korea state media, Trump and Kim Yong Un agree to meet in each other's country.

I commend Trump: Trump and Kim Jong Un Sign Agreement

I commend Trump. The deal has few specifics, but U.S. president says the leaders will ‘meet again...many times’

Cuomo Pledges to Defend New York Against Trump’s "Economic Missile"

To make up for a loss of future revenue attributed to Trump, N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposes a cornucopia of new taxes.

Trump Fires Missiles at Iraq Kills Iranian Revolutionary Guard Leader

In a dangerous escalation of Mideast tensions, Trump fired missiles at Iraq, killing Iranian and Iraqi military leaders.

North Korea: Bloody Nose Strategy vs Diplomacy

N. and S. Korea agree to meet to reduce tensions ahead of the Olympics. Meanwhile, the US debates a Bloody Nose strategy

Trump "Get ready Russia" Missiles Coming: WW III Concern Vanishes in 3 Hrs

Trump taunted Russia in response to Russian claims it would shoot down US missiles. "Get ready Russia" Missiles Coming.