“We will finally allow the safe and legal importation of prescription drugs from Canada and other countries where the price for the identical drug is incredibly lowered,” said Trump at a press conference.

In the video. Trump brags his executive orders will allow something that other presidents "promised for decades and decades".

OK, but why nearly four years into your presidency? 

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Signs Executive Orders Aimed at Reducing Drug Prices.

One of the executive orders focuses on pegging the cost of drugs in the U.S. to lower drug prices overseas, and another concerns speeding imports of drugs from Canada. The pharmaceutical industry and some Republicans have criticized the first order, saying it amounts to price controls, while opponents of the second initiative say it raises questions about product safety.

Another would require community health centers to pass on negotiated discounts on insulin and epinephrine-injector devices to consumers. And a fourth would attempt to undercut “middlemen” whom Mr. Trump described as profiting from deals with drugmakers and don’t pass along discounts to consumers.

“We’re standing up to the lobbyists and special interests and fighting back against a rigged system,” said Mr. Trump, who also said he would push for drugs to be purchased at the same prices offered to other countries.

Will the orders do any good?

Pharmaceutical industry groups have argued the administration’s plan could threaten patient safety by letting in substandard or counterfeit drugs. Canadian officials have also expressed concern over the move, saying they don’t want the U.S. raiding their medicine supply.

 Drugmakers have said it would reduce investment in research and that it wouldn’t work for drugs that are developed but not yet sold overseas.

Correct Action, Questionable Motives


Trump was correct to act even if his motive is questionable. The US pays the highest drug prices in the world. US drugs should not be cheaper in Canada, Mexico, or Europe than here.

I fail to see why Medicare, which can easily buy in bulk, should pay more than the lowest global price available.

If there are patient safety issues, then what about drugs sold in Canada?

People should not have to drive or fly over the border to get safe drugs at reasonable prices. 

Patents ought to expire earlier as well. 

Mr. Trump said he would meet Tuesday with drug executives to hear their proposals on how to cut costs. “Maybe they have an idea that’s good, but it’s got to be very substantial.”

I don't care about motives, I care about policies and actions. These efforts make sense. 


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