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Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Bloomberg reports U.S. Regulators Tell Mnuchin Nothing Is Out of Ordinary in Markets

Top U.S. financial regulators assured Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during a hastily organized call Monday that they are seeing nothing out of the ordinary in markets, according to a person with knowledge of the discussion, despite a recent stock slump that many traders tied to the U.S. government shutdown and turmoil emanating from the Trump administration.


The call with the President’s Working Group on financial markets, a move that appeared designed to calm nerves, capped a chaotic five days that started with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announcing his resignation and culminated with Bloomberg News reporting Friday evening that President Donald Trump was discussing firing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index slipped by as much 2 percent on Monday.

Damn PPT Refuses to Do Its Job

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Clearly, the PPT does not know how to putt either. So sad.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Who Will Protect the World From Trump?

Trump says he will protect Germany from Russia. There is only one problem: Germany does not want or need Trump's help.

Trump Slams Fed as "Crazy"

Just 1 day after saying he has not met with Powell because he did not want to interfere, Trump slams the Fed as "crazy".

Who's Worse for the Environment: Merkel or Trump?

Who has a worse track record on the environment: President Trump or German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Let's investigate.

Trump Calls Jerome Powell and the Fed "Naive Boneheads"

Trump's attack on the Fed reached a new level today when trump call them all "boneheads".

Trump Discusses Firing Fed Chair Jerome Powell: Can He? Sure!

Trump is extremely displeased with Powell's rate hikes. Trump has asked advisors if he can fire Powell. Watch out.

Trump Surprise Tweet Restores Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

President Trump lashed out at Brazil and Argentina in a surprise Tweet today restoring metal tariffs.

Trump Nominates Gold Advocate Judy Shelton for the Fed

Trump nominated Judy Shelton, a gold standard advocate, for the Fed. She faces an uphill battle.

Audit the Fed Bill Coming Up, Trump Will Likely Sign

Last year, Senate democrats twice defeated House sponsored legislation to audit the Fed. It’s likely to pass this year, and Trump is likely to sign.