Sleepy Joe

“I actually think that Hillary Clinton was a great candidate. She was very smart. She was very tough. She was ruthless and vicious. I would actually run against Biden," said Trump.

When asked why, Trump responded "Sleepy Joe. He's sleepy. She was not sleepy.”

Popular Vote

In the interview, Trump made a strong point about losing the popular vote.

He did not campaign to win the popular vote. He campaigned to win the electoral college.

He wrote off California and Illinois. He went to Maine four times to pick up one vote, and he got it.


He would have picked up a lot more votes in California if the popular vote actually mattered and he campaigned there.

Trump Makes Strong Case

Trump has a strong case about how he campaigned and why. He expressed his electoral college viewpoint well.

We do not know what would have happened because the converse is true as well. How many Democrats did not vote because it did not matter?

Regardless, we can say Hillary did not run a tough, smart campaign. Her campaign was based on winning votes, not states.

Congratulations, Hillary! You won the campaign you fought. It just didn't matter.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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