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Predictit betting odds show Trump is a 13 percentage point underdog to Biden in the 2020 election. 

Swing States Tilting Blue

  1. Arizona: 62
  2. Florida: 55
  3. Michigan: 74
  4. Minnesota: 77
  5. New Hampshire: 73
  6. North Carolina: 56
  7. Pennsylvania: 69

Swing States Tilting Red

  1. Georgia: 57
  2. Iowa: 59
  3. Ohio: 57

Iowa, and Georgia are not supposed to be in play, but they are. 

Spotlight Texas

Of the two most recent Texas polls,  Biden is tied for the lead in one, and down by a mere point in the other. 

Betting Odds Changed With Photo-Op Stunt

Trump lost the lead following his disastrous photo-op bible stunt in the wake of the George Floyd murger by a Minnesota police officer.

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Following the photo-op incident I commented Something Changed for the Better: Trump's Bubble Just Shattered

Numerous ranking ex-military officers and ranking Republicans spoke out against Trump. 

Colin Powell, George Bush, Cindy McCain, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush were among them.

For details, please see The Trump Spotlight Shifts to Colin Powell.

Preposterous Tweet

Trump slid further following a ridiculous Tweet in which  Trump Defended Police Who Cracked a 75-Year Old Man's Head.

Trump made the preposterous claim that 75-year old Martin Gugino "could be an ANTIFA provocateur". 

Trump further claimed Gugino "appeared to scanning police communications to black out the equipment".

I posted 4 images from a video that show Gugino was holding a cell phone. 

Click on the above link for more details including a video.