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Unilateral Actions

American Airlines said it will reduce its workforce by 40,000 in October without an extension of government aid. That includes 19,000 involuntary cuts.

In response Trump says he will Act Unilaterally if Congress Doesn't.

There is nothing Trump can do unilaterally for airlines. This is just a typical Trumpian bluff. 

Trump's lies regarding are more revealing and concerning.

China Will Own US if Biden Wins

Literally Ridiculous 

China will "own the US". What a hoot. 

Let's flash back to one of my favorite Trump lies. Following the flashback I have a trade update.

Trade Wars are Good and Easy to Win 

Trump made that claim on March 2, 2018 as discussed in Trump Tweets "Trade Wars are Good and Easy to Win"

We have had nonstop lies from Trump on trade and China ever since. 

A deal was around the corner every week for months. Trump insisted on one major deal. 

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Finally, he agreed to do a deal in phases. On December 14, 2019 I commented Trump's Amazing Trade Deal: Details a Complete Mystery

As the details emerged, Trump got China to agree to buy more soybeans and energy in return for tariff reductions. 

Soybeans for Tariff Reductions

How's is Phase 1 Going?

Trump's top trade negotiator, Peter Navarro says Phase One Trade Deal on Track.

They’re absolutely keeping their word so far on the purchases,” Navarro says

Phase 1 Trade Tracker 

Let's take a peek at the US-China Phase One Tracker to investigate Navarro's claim. 

Phase 1 Tracker Details August 25 Report

Outrageous Lies

I would find such outrageous lies astonishing except they are so commonplace. 

I now totally expect lies and little but lies from the Trump administration.