The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Steps Into North Korea as Two Sides Agree to Restart Nuclear Talks

Mr. Trump then became the first sitting U.S. president to step inside North Korea, calling it a great honor and stopping for photos. The two walked some 19 steps into the North, then returned to the boundary—where the president posed a question to Mr. Kim.

“Would you like to come over?” he asked.

Mr. Kim agreed, and made an unexpected visit to the “Freedom House” building on the South Korean side.

There he sat down with Mr. Trump and answered several questions, saying he had been surprised by the last-minute U.S. request to meet.

The two leaders, joined by several members of their nuclear teams, then headed into a closed-door meeting that lasted nearly an hour. They emerged with the commitment to jump-start nuclear talks, which had stalled after February’s summit in Vietnam ended abruptly without a deal.

“We’re not looking for speed. We’re looking to get it right,” Mr. Trump said after the meeting. “We’re on a very good path. This was a terrific day.”

The meeting was supposed to be brief but lasted over an hour.

Newsweek called it a "Clown Show"

Washington Post Blasts Trump

More Blasts

My Take

One can question Trump's motives, but this was a good move.

He should try the same with Cuba and Iran. Tariffs and sanctions have gotten Trump nowhere.

But roadblocks remain. North Korea wants sanctions removed first, the US wants to see progress first.

Mike "Mish" Shedlocks

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