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The absurdities of this administration never end. 

Please consider  Trump Takes Executive Action to Keep Meat-Processing Plants Open.

President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday paving the way for meat-processing plants remain open during the coronavirus pandemic, as hundreds of workers have fallen ill and concerns mount about food-supply shortages. The president invoked the Defense Production Act, a Korean War-era law, to keep the facilities open, designating the plants as critical infrastructure under the law. 

The move is expected to relieve pressure on meatpackers and farmers, who have struggled with food-supply upheavals following pressure from local and state officials to close plants. It is likely to draw fire from unions and worker advocates, who have said such closures are a necessary step to stem the virus’s spread through communities.

More than a dozen major meatpacking plants in recent weeks have closed down following outbreaks among employees, and other workers choosing to stay home rather than risk infection.

Four Questions 

  1. OK, Trump can force the plants to stay "open", but open for what? 
  2. Can Trump send in qualified workers to run the plants?
  3. Can Trump force the existing workers to show up?
  4. If not, will Trump show up himself and do the work?

Stuart Appelbaum president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, made this comment: “We only wish that this administration cared as much about the lives of working people as it does about meat, pork and poultry products.” 


Everybody is in fear of their lives here,” said Lakesha Bailey, a Tyson worker. She has been calling in absent since April 19.

Two Bonus Questions

  1. Rather than thumping his chest and making demands on workers, wouldn't a softer approach been better
  2. How many workers will this piss off enough to cause them to vote Democratic?

Food Rotting in the Fields But Shortages in the Stores

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