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When asked, trump repeated the claim and the date.

That video is from October 20. Thus, Trump proposed a tax cut, or at least an outline of one, would happen in 11 days.

Made Up on the Fly

Not Going to Happen

  • For starters, Congress is in recess.
  • Second, top Republicans do not know what he is talking about.
  • Third, Trump claimed the last tax cut was for the middle class. Whether or not you agree with the tax cut, it definitely was not for the middle class.
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What's It All About?

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Politically speaking, the last tax cuts were a public relations disaster. Trump is smart enough to recognize that.

Inept Democrats failed to take advantage.

Instead, the Democrats wasted time on Kavanaugh and with Elizabeth Warren's ridiculous DNA scam that made her look incredibly foolish.

For every mistake Trump makes, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, or some other totally inept Democrat comes to the rescue.

If you are a Republican, you are laughing out loud.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock