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The US has 34,500 troops in Germany. On Friday, Trump Announced a 9,500  Reduction.

President Trump has directed the Pentagon to remove thousands of American troops from Germany by September, a move that would dramatically reshape the U.S. military posture in Europe and reflects growing tensions between Washington and Berlin over military spending and other security issues, U.S. government officials said Friday.

The removal order would reduce the U.S. troop presence in Germany by 9,500 from the 34,500 service members who are permanently assigned there. It would also cap at 25,000 the number of American troops in Germany at any one time. Under current practice, overall troop levels can rise to as high as 52,000 as units rotate in and out or take part in training exercises.

One senior U.S. official said that the administration has been discussing the move since September and that it isn’t linked to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision not to attend a G-7 meeting Mr. Trump was to host in Washington at the end of June.

But the official acknowledged that it reflected the Trump administration’s long frustration with German policy, especially the nation’s level of military spending and its insistence on completing the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will channel Russian gas directly to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

“We always knew Trump would lash out when he is under pressure domestically, but we thought he would first pull out of Afghanistan,” the official said. “This move will not help friends of the U.S. in Germany who are working hard to preserve the trans-Atlantic relationship, but it will boost the anti-American sentiment that has been spreading here.”

Just a Start

It's been a long, long drought, but Trump finally did something I can praise.

Why should the US pay hundreds of billions of dollars defending the world and making a mess doing it?

If the EU wants US troops in Europe, then the EU should pay for the, not the US. 

Better yet, we do not belong there at all. 

Questioning Why

  • We still have troops in Afghanistan. Why?
  • We still have troops in Iraq: Why?
  • We still have troops in Syria: Why?
  • We still have troops in Japan: Why?
  • We still have troops in 150 countries: Why?

US Military Deployments

The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with approximately 170,000 of its active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories

Troops in Americas

Troops in Americas

Troops in East Asia

Troops in East Asia

Troops in West Asia 

Troops in West Asia
Troops in Europe

Unspecified Troops

Unspecified Troops

To the extent we have some some small number of US troops in places like Canada, Greenland, Europe, etc., as long as they are for genuine US defense surveillance and are welcome by that country, then it makes reasonable sense.

But thousands of troops have only one purpose: Fighting wars. 


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The US is occupying Cuba, Iraq, and Syria although Iraq and Syria are not listed in the above tables. 

Unspecified Trouble

Unspecified troops are seriously problematic. The US is fomenting trouble in how many places? 

I suspect Libya, Yemen, Venezuela, and other global hot spots. If we do not have explicit permission, then it is illegal occupation. 

Trump is meddling heavily in Venezuela right now. It is not our fight.

Enduring Freedom Irony

Under the code name "Enduring Freedom" the US has been in Afghanistan since 2001.

We have wasted trillions of dollars in the Mideast and no one has any freedom. 

It was US meddling in Saudi Arabia that started 911. Bin Laden's gripe was the US had troops on sacred Arab soil.

And it was Saudi nationals, not Iraqis involved in the destruction of the World Trade Towers. 

In the wake of 911, had Colin Powell stood up to president George W. Bush, the US may have avoided a nonsensical war in Iraq. 

Instead, we invaded Iraq, and ISIS came to power in its wake. 

President Obama continued the mess with a terribly stupid attack on Libya. Hillary was the architect of that invasion. 

The European migration problem from Syria through Turkey and across the Mediterranean Sea is largely a US creation.

Enough is Enough

We are still paying the price for US military meddling.

Bring the troops home. Bring them all home.


One of my readers commented "Unfortunately, it was done out of spite, and will not as part of any strategy."

I agree with that sentiment. Trump wants Europe to spend more on the Military. 

I want everyone to spend less, especially the US.

On a different note, I have long speculated Trump will pull troops from Afghanistan in September or October, not really because he wants to, but rather as part of a strategy to get reelected. 

Mike "Mish" Shedlock