Short of Supplies Now

To alleviate medical supply shortages, the Trump administration has opened up a 3-Month Comment Window for companies to apply for tariff exemptions on medical supplies from China.

The U.S. Trade Representative, in a statement late Friday, invited the public, businesses and government agencies to submit “comments on possible further modifications to remove duties from additional medical care products.”

USTR said the comment period will run until June 25 and won’t replace the process to request exclusions from the tariffs. Comments submitted “are limited to comments on products subject to the tariff actions and relevant to the medical response to the coronavirus,” the USTR said.

To facilitate timely consideration of possible modifications, interested persons should submit comments as promptly as possible,” the agency said.

Trump said earlier this week that tariff relief wasn’t something he was considering. “There’s no reason to do that. China is paying us billions and billions of dollars in tariffs,” he said in a news conference Wednesday. “I can’t imagine Americans asking for that.”


Comments Until June 25! Timely?

We need supplies now.

Trump's amazing response is to open up a 3-month window for comments.


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