Everyone is seeking money and Trump is willing to dish it out to the tune of an $850 Billion Stimulus Package.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is pitching Senate Republicans on a roughly $850 billion economic stimulus package, according to two people familiar with the matter, as the Trump administration works to craft more legislation to cushion the economic blow of the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats have proposed their own $750 billion package for the third phase of the response, and other lawmakers have started floating a variety of measures, including giving $1,000 in cash to every American.


The Trump administration’s stimulus plan will include roughly $50 billion for the airline industry, according to the people, as well as billions of dollars in general stimulus that could include a payroll tax cut.

The details remain in flux and even the top-line $850 billion figure could change, but Mr. Mnuchin is expected to discuss a number of options with Republicans, including a refundable tax credit to help people struggling with the economic effects of the outbreak and additional assistance for small businesses.

Boeing Wants a Bailout


Airline Bailout

Note that airlines spent U.S. Airlines Spent 96% of Free Cash Flow on Buybacks.

Casinos Want a Bailout

I had a few choice words for that one.

Stock market Likes Bailouts

The stock market likes bailouts.

But let's see what it thinks in a few days with an eye on Bear Market Support Levels.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Stimulus Deal on 5 Yard Line: Stocks Soar But Questions Remain

Stocks are flying this morning on news a stimulus deal is at hand.

Stimulus Checks Delayed: To Get Trump's Signature On Them?

Stimulus checks: Where the hell are they, and why?

EU Seeks €20 Billion Divorce Settlement

The price of Brexit is high and rising. On top of previous demands such as a “fair but inferior deal” for the UK, the EU now wants a €20 billion divorce settlement as the UK’s “fair share” of inane projects the UK agreed to as part of the EU.

Illinois Pension Plans Dumps $1 Billion in Value Stocks to Self Manage

An Illinois pension plan just pulled a billion dollars from an underperforming value fund to seek better returns.

Trump Seeks Cuts and QE; Stocks, Bonds, Gold Reverse on Fed Press Conference.

On Powell's statements at the press conference stocks, the markets reversed. Yesterday, Trump blasted the Fed.

Just in Time Stimulus: Fed Proposes Looser Rules for Large U.S. Banks

The Fed's proposal marks one of the most significant rollbacks of bank regulations since Trump took office.

Word of the Day “Action”: Stimulus “Whatever It Takes” Bank of England Style

As expected, the Bank of England cut interest rates today to 0.25% from 0.5%.

Trump Tells Aides to Proceed With $200 Billion in Tariffs on China

Despite talks with China, Trump instructs aids to place $200 billion in tariffs on China. Another $267 billion on deck.