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Trump Prefers Chaos 

Please consider Republicans In Swing States Were Fixing Vote-By-Mail Systems. Then Trump Tweeted.


Early this year, Michigan advanced a bipartisan measure to let election officials take absentee ballots out of their mailing envelopes — but not to unseal the ballots or count them — the day before Election Day. 


Democrats and many of the state’s election officials have called for state legislators, who are meeting this week, to change the law so that election officials can begin to process ballots days or weeks before Election Day.

That could mean simply opening the envelopes in which ballots arrive without unsealing the ballots, or opening the ballots and tallying the votes without publicly reporting the results. But Pennsylvania Republicans have said that tallying votes before Election Day will not be allowed

Only a year ago,  State Rep. Kevin Boyle pointed out, nearly every Republican in the statehouse joined Democrats in expanding the option of no-excuse absentee voting to most Pennsylvania voters. “It was not a partisan issue whatsoever,” he said. “Republicans did not express any reticence, didn’t express any misgivings that this was somehow beneficial to Democrats or it was corrupt or would be used for corrupt purposes, until now.”


In Wisconsin, the Republican-controlled state legislature has altogether ignored calls to prepare for a tidal wave of mail-in ballots. 

Trump Encourages Vote Fraud

Vote Twice Trump
Vote Twice Expanded Trump

Precious Vote Counting

  1. Trump tells people to vote early then show up again to see if their vote has been counted and if not to vote again. 
  2. Meanwhile Republicans will not even allow ballots to be opened, let alone counted by election day.
  3. Oh. God Bless America. 

Law and Order

That process is of course called "Law and Order".

Election Night Chaos

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Election Night Projection

If things go according to plan, Trump will be in the lead on election night.

The election results could look something like the above Bloomberg Group Projection.

I highly doubt it is that extreme, but it's possible. Compare to my extreme possibility above.

Yet, even three states, say Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin could delay the winner for several days or longer.


270-To-Win Projection September 6

That is how 270-to-Win sees things right now. 

I would move Georgia to light pink and Arizona to light blue. Otherwise, I agree.

Possible Election Night Map

Possible Election Night Map

In the above map I assumed Trump would win North Carolina and Ohio outright but lose Arizona outright leaving just three states undecided, not an unrealistic possibility.

I believe that is more unlikely than my Extreme Election Night map, but it is not at all far-fetched.

Something in between those two maps is highly likely. 

All it will take is for the news outlets to refuse to make a call and Trump to refuse to admit he lost.

For further discussion, please see As Trump Endorses Election Fraud, It's No Longer "Pretty Early".