The government shutdown is over: Trump Signs Spending Bill, Ending Longest Government Shutdown in U.S. History.

President Trump reached a deal with congressional leaders Friday to reopen the government for three weeks despite getting no new funding for a border wall, setting the stage for whirlwind talks to bridge deep disagreements between Democrats and Republicans on immigration policy.

The bill, which includes an extension of border-security funding at current levels, was quickly passed by the Senate and House and was signed into law by the president late Friday. The short-term deal provides financial relief for about 800,000 federal workers, who have been furloughed or on the job without pay for more than a month and missed another paycheck Friday.

The reopening also eases pressures on the airline industry, which was grappling with staffing shortfalls in airport security and air-traffic control, culminating in delays at New York’s LaGuardia Airport and other major airports Friday. It could speed tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service, and restart other government functions related to small business loans, initial public offerings and infrastructure projects, among others.

Announcing the pact in a speech from the Rose Garden, Mr. Trump said he would start negotiations between the House and Senate over a full-year bill funding the Homeland Security Department, which oversees the border.

“After 36 days of spirited debate and dialogue, I have seen and heard from enough Democrats and Republicans that they are willing to put partisanship aside, I think,” Mr. Trump said.

The deal Mr. Trump announced marks a retreat from the hard-line stance he had taken throughout the shutdown, which began Dec. 22 over a clash between the president and Democrats over whether to fund a border wall. Mr. Trump says the wall is key to national security, while Democrats say it is unnecessary.


“We’ll work with the Democrats and negotiate and if we can’t do that, then we’ll do a—obviously we’ll do the [national] emergency because that’s what it is. It’s a national emergency,” he told reporters later.


Trump was totally and thoroughly humiliated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

That statement is not partisan politics. Rather, Trump Mocked From Both Sides After Caving In, Coulter Claims "Biggest Wimp Ever"

Trump had two years to negotiate a good deal. He got nothing despite the fact that a year ago, Democrats agreed to fund the wall to the tuned of $20 billion dollars.


Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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