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Trump Tells Top Donors the US Should Put a Chinese Flag on F-22s and Bomb Russia

Trump makes shocking comments to top Republican National Committee (RNC) donors in New Orleans.
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Trump, speaks to RNC top donors, Image Washington Post Tweet, annotations by Mish

Trump, speaks to RNC top donors, Image Washington Post Tweet, annotations by Mish

After praising Putin as a genius last week, Trump now tells a crowd of top Republican National Committee donors in New Orleans that North Korean dictator Kim Yong Un is "seriously tough".

Trump also muses the US Should Put a Chinese Flag on F-22s and Bomb the Sh*t Out of Russia

That is a paywall free link courtesy of the Washington Post.

Here are a few snips.

Former president Donald Trump mused Saturday to the GOP’s top donors that the United States should label its F-22 planes with the Chinese flag and “bomb the s--t out of Russia.”

He also praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “seriously tough,” claimed he was harder on Vladimir Putin than any other president, reiterated his false claims that he won the 2020 election, urged his party to be “tougher” on supposed election fraud, disparaged a range of prominent party opponents and called global warming “a great hoax” that could actually bring a welcome development: more waterfront property.

“And then we say, China did it, we didn’t do it, China did it, and then they start fighting with each other and we sit back and watch,” he said of labeling U.S. military planes with Chinese flags and bombing Russia, which was met with laughter from the crowd of donors, according to a recording of the speech obtained by The Washington Post.

He espoused praise for North Korea’s brutal leader, marveling at how Kim’s generals and aides “cowered” when the dictator spoke to them. “Total control,” Trump said of how Kim ran the country, describing generals snapping to attention and standing up on command.

Josh Dawsey is political writer for the Washington Post 

“His people were sitting at attention,” Trump added. “I looked at my people and said I want my people to act like that,” he said to laughter, reports Josh Dawsey

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The sad irony is that Trump's people are very much are like that. The reaction by his RNC top donors proves it.

Please think about the implications of what Trump seeks and respects before you cheer his every word.

Fortunately, the US is a free country unlike North Korea. Everyone here does not have to act like lap dogs to what the leader says.

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