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"Big Price"

 Beijing will "Pay a Big Price for What They've Done to the World."

"It wasn't your fault that this happened, it was China's fault," Trump said in a video from the White House Wednesday, in which he touted his own recovery from the virus that has infected multiple top administration officials, and touted a supposed cure. "China's going to pay a big price what they've done to this country."

Trump's promises to make China "pay" is more likely a reference to pushing Beijing on trade, a key focus of his administration, but even there, it is not clear that continued aggression will pay off, with both countries hurting from the ongoing trade war and China becoming increasingly intransigent after months of stalled negotiations.

VP Debate

The Subject of China came up in the VP debate.

"China is to blame for coronavirus," Pence said, in an answer that was censored in China itself, with CNN's feed of the debate cut while Pence was speaking. "President Trump is not happy about it, he's made that clear. China and the World Health Organization did not play straight with the American people."

But it's not clear that Pence or Trump's approach is wise there either. As Harris noted during the debate with Pence, Washington knew as early as January about the potential danger of the virus, which was still then largely confined to China, but did not take major action until it had arrived in the US.

More Tariff and Sanction Threats

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It's unclear what Trump means by "Big Price" but about all he can do is raise tariffs or increase sanctions. 

Trump's threats come even as 3,500 Corporations So Fed Up With Trump's Tariffs They Sue the US

Coca Cola, Disney, Ford, Abbott Labs, Tesla, and Home Depot are among the thousands of companies suing the US over tariffs.

Idle Threats 

Trump's threats are as useful as a bicycle is to a fish.

In less than a month, he will be voted out of office.