Economic Magic Wand Claim September 10

Manufacturing Magic Wand Claim November 26

At a Mississippi campaign rally yesterday, Trump bragged that his administration had "found the magic wand" for manufacturing in the United States.

This was just a few hours after GM announced it's closing 8 plants, 4 in the US, and shedding close to 15,000 workers.

In response to the GM announcement, Trump told GM CEO Mary Barra she had "better" reopen plants in the US soon.

Trump Chastises GM November 27

Trump Threatens to Kill GM Subsidies November 27

Yesterday in reference to the Chevy Cruze Trump offered this threat. "Their car is not selling well. So they'll put something else -- I have no doubt that, in a not-too-distant future, they'll put something else. They better put something else in."

Or what?


Today we found out, sort of.

Trump never finished the sentence.

Tariffs Coming

Business Insider discusses Potentially Devastating Tariffs.

Chris Krueger, a policy analyst at Cowen Washington Research Group, told Business insider that GM's announcement on Monday could add more fuel to Trump's desire to impose a 25% tariff on all cars, trucks, and auto parts coming into the US.

Gary Cohn, Trump's former top economic adviser, has said the president asked him why all cars couldn't be made in America.

The move would be economically devastating, economists say. A study from the Peterson Institute of International Economics found that a 25% auto tariff would cause auto production in the US to fall by 1.5% over the first three years and result in a net loss of 195,000 jobs.

Krueger was confident that regardless the impetus for the move, there is only one outcome in the end. "Tariffs are coming," he said.

No Magic Just BS

We are about to find out how little "magic" there is in Trump's wand.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Trump Repeats Threat to Commit War Crimes

Today Trump repeated threats made yesterday to target Iranian culturatural sites if provoked.

As Wildfire Rage in CA, Trump Tweets "Mismanagement" Threatens to Cut Funds

Southern California fires force evacuation of Malibu. Trump calls "gross mismanagement", and threatens to cut funds.

Auto Truce is Over: Trump Again Threatens the EU, Japan with a 25% Tariff

Trump again threatens the EU with 25% tariffs on cars just as he is working on a deal with China. What's the obsession?

Trump Knows the Correct Number of Cars GM Needs to Produce

GM wants to close unprofitable plants. Trump and the unions demand GM keep the plants open.

Trump Blames GM for "Stupidly" Causing Ventilator Shortage

Trump went off the deep end accusing GM of not making ventilators to alleviate a shortage in the US.

Trump Commands GM to Make Ventilators, But GM Already Was

Trump lashed out at GM today in a series of Tweets then used a war powers act to demand GM comply.

Trump Claims He is Cleared of Felonies: Democrats Claim Proof of Felonies

Trump claims testimony of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort clears him of felonies. Democrats claim testimony proves them.

Exploring Trump's Claim of Using Tariffs to Pay Down $21 Trillion in Debt

Trump claims he will use tariffs to pay down the national debt. Let's explore the idea with pictures.

GM to Have Robotaxi Service by 2019: Can Uber Survive?

GM claims it will have a fleet of robotaxis by 2019 and that will be its biggest profit-maker within a decade.